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Terms of Service

I run this as a hobby project. Maybe it will become commercial later, therefore the pricing information for the plans.

I allow you to access and use the services for which you have registered.
You may access and view the prediction data.
The service may only be used for private purposes.
This solarprediction service can be stopped by me at any time.
The prediction data is provided without guarantee of correctness and completeness. No warranty or liability is assumed. The use is at your own risk.
I would like to point out that, depending on the accuracy of the weather data, the prediction may vary considerably from the real yield. Therefore, no services endangering life and limb may use this service.

As a condition of use of our services, you guarantee that you will not use the service for illegal purposes or use them for purposes prohibited in these terms of use.
If you violate any of the terms of use, your permission to use this service automatically terminates and you must destroy any downloaded or printed materials.


With the attribute "Public" the access can be restricted for each element. By default, access to all elements is not public, but only possible with knowing its token or after successful login.


The API may only be used for private purposes. Data queries should be made as seldom as possible. For this I recommend the use of caches.
If (time) limitations should take effect, this will be communicated accordingly via the API's response. Access to the prediction data via the API is then not possible until the time restrictions (this happens automatically after a few minutes or hours).


There is no guarantee of availability of the website, API or prediction data.

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