Note: The number of users of this project has grown considerably. This is great. Unfortunately, the operation of solar prognosis (Solarprognose) is not free of charge. The free weather API will soon be exhausted. Currently, as the operator, I pay the costs for the operation of If each user would donate only 5 € per year, this would cover the current operating costs (may increase if bigger webserver required, more weather api requests etc.). Click here to read how you can donate


We provide a prediction of the production of your solar system based on your location, the declination and orientation of your solar panels.

Hourly prediction of the production of your solar system.
Prediction for today and the following days.
Chart and table based presentation of prediction.
Without charge for up to 10 kWp.
Simple API based on http-requests.


Increase Your Self-Consumption.
Reduce Your Energy Bill.
Increase Use Of Renewable Energy.